About Us

"Building a Better Chair"

We are a small, family-owned business based in Colorado, offering products made in the USA for over 19 years. All Perch chairs and stools have a 12-Year Workmanship Warranty and a Lifetime Guarantee on the Cylinders for your peace of mind.

"We offer chairs and stools as tools so customers can work, learn and play smarter."

How have we done that? By incorporating some of the big lessons we learned along the way. We’ve distilled them down into six simple beliefs. And the thinking behind each goes into every aspect of what we do – from design and manufacturing to distribution and customer service.

Our Six Beliefs

  • When you sit smart, you work smart.
    This seems like a no brainer, but it isn't. A better chair lets you work harder, longer and more comfortably. Whether you’re in the office, in school or at home, being comfortable and working smarter is the key.
  • Seating is not one-size fits all.
    Everyone’s body is different. Therefore, we offer a variety of styles, sizes and options to provide just the right fit for your body type. If your frame is a little smaller, or bigger, we’ve got just the Perch for you.
  • Choose a seat based on the situation.
    Hospital work versus school work versus home office work. Each type of work, and the environment you’re working in, is totally different. The right seating for the right environment yields better results.
  • Durability is an absolute must.
    We’ve seen chairs fall apart almost out of the box. Bad welds, cheap casters, poor cylinders – they’ll do your chair in quickly. We promise to offer the very best quality and craftsmanship. And we guarantee it.
  • Ordering should be easy, fast and free.
    If you are ordering one chair, or one thousand, buying should be a piece of cake. We’ve taken the time to make sure your experience purchasing from us is fast and flawless. Plus Shipping is FREE.
  • Nice people do business with other nice people.
    We tend to think we’re the good guys. We work hard, and we’re friendly. You might say we’re “people-people.” We hope our customers appreciate this. And they seem to because they are usually quite nice in return.

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