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Hard Floor Casters with Safely Lock- Set of 5

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This type of caster is best on hard surfaces such as wood, tile, etc. A rubberized coating on the wheels ensure smooth rolling. Close in appearance to the soft floor caster, however these have a 1/4" glossy rubberized coating around the wheel perimeter. This can best be determined by pressing your fingernail into the part of the wheel that makes contact with the floor. If it depresses or feels even slightly soft it is the correct caster. When this is done on a Soft Floor Caster it feels extremely hard and won't depress at all.
  • Stem size: 1" inch length and 3/8" diameter.
  • Safely lock when no weight is applied, preventing the stool or chair from sliding out from under the user when sitting down or getting up.
  • Non-marking.
  • Not compatible with other seating brands.
  • This product is not eligible for return or exchange.